~Factoria~ Hair care centered cosmetic OEM production company

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How much is Minimum lot?
100kg. Most customer choose to make 300kg, but we will try our best to suit your needs.
What kind of product can you make?
Hair care, skin care, body care etc.
This is my first time to make cosmetics...?
We will fully support you from recipe to price. Let us hear what is desirable for you.
How long will it take from order to deliver?
It depend on product and production schedule, but including the arrangement of ingredients, it will take approximately 60days from your order.
How much will the sample cost?
Sample is free. We will make as many sample as you wish until the sample fulfills your needs.
How much will it cost to make new product?
Total cost will depend on product, recipe, quantity. We will consider the price from your ideas and plans on the product. It is possible for us to propose a suitable plan for you.
Can I provide ingredients and container of our choice?
Yes. But, if they are not suitable for cosmetics, or might affect badly to other ingredients, we may not be able to use what you have provided.
Can you help me with product concept and marketing?
Ofcourse. We will fully support you with your ideas about target, concept, price and so on.