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Why I chose Factoria?



We will propose variety of product ideas using latest ingredients. By professionally handling herbal ingredients and plant extracts, we surpass other companies.

Attraction of an original ingredients

2Attraction of an original ingredients

Cassis Polyphenol
Cassis Polyphenol is whats' extracted from cassis fruit, and contain rich anthocyanin. This ingredients has strong antioxidants effect, which is known for anti-aging, peventing body odor, and anti-bacteria effects. We use extracts containing high concentrated anthocyanin form european cassis.
Astaxanthin is a red pigment component, one of carotenoid, same as lycopene in tomato and Beta-carotene in carrots. It has 1000 times more antioxidant effect than Vitamin E, which protect us from UV. We have technology to arrange astaxanthin made from Haematococcus algae steadily in recipe, which is highly evaluated in hair and skin care production world.
Feather Keratin
While animal hair is made of alpha type and gamma type keratin, feather is made from phi type keratin which has both alpha and gamma nature in one molecule. Due to the nature, phi keratin has light and soft characteristics. Keratin is suitable for reparing hair damage but also make our hair stiff, so we studies on waterfowl feather and were able to develop gelation of feather.
Silk is protein it self, and it's made of amino acids which the structure is very similar to amino acids in our body. Silk is used for contact lenses/ artificial skin/ material to prevent wounds and inflammation because of its characteristic of biocompatibility. We use high molecular weight silk gel which is highly valued from hair and skin production buisiness.


Kaizu of Gifu prefecture was chosen as one of the 100 lagoon city in Japan. We chose this area where rich in soft water that was suitable for making of cosmetics. Water is pumped up from 200m underground impermeable stratum without any bacteria, filterated, and handled with extra care.

Excellent Development skills

4Excellent Development skills

With our original prescription technology, we were able to combine natural ingredients in high density, which was said to be challenging. Owing to this, we became pioneer in cosmetic field. Our product is highly valued from many of our customers.

Flexible production system

5Flexible production system

We support diverse needs of customer who needs small amount production lot to big amout production lot, with care.

Production Technique

6Production Technique

We own high quality techniques through production over the years. In order to ship goods in perfect condition, we pay extreme caution for quality control and hygiene control.

Original evaluating system

7Original evaluating system

Because we aim our product to be salon quality, we run monitoring investigation with experienced staff with cosmetology license.
We are to manufacture product that satisfies professional styler.

Newest hair care study

8Newest hair care study

Base on the newest hair science, we chose specific ingredients that is used for professionals, and ingredients that customer could realize the difference. Also, we gather plant based extracts used for Ayurveda from all over the country, and study hair care on daily basis.

Rich variation of product

9Rich variation of product

From Shampoo, Treatment and scalp care for hair loss, we have made many hair and scalp care products. With our skills of manufacturing and rich experience, we are able to make variations of products. Discuss any request or needs to us; hair professionals.

shampoo / Treatment / Rinse / Conditioner / Hair Mask / Oil / Mist / Milk / Cream / Gel /
Hair cologne / Hair Tonic / Hair growth formula / Scalp lotion(Scalp care)
Approach for Safety

10Approach for Safety

By testing outside, colour, scent, thickness, pH balance, weight, microbe, with following standards, we keep the quality and safety.
We also check every scratch and every dirt of the product before delivering.



We will propose what's best for your targert customer, including fragrance, container, quality, and amount.

Skin care

12Skin care

We use specified ingredients that's used for spa and salon. based on the newest skin science, we study on daily basis and gather natural ingredients from all over the world.